About Us

The saying adversity breeds opportunity is relevant to almost all entrepreneurs in South Africa, but none more so than to the directors of Awesome snacks which was founded in 2003. It just so happens that the four founding partners where all executives within the snack industry. Today, only two of the founders manage the business with an iron fist that shows remarkable success within the snack market.

This Germiston-based business produces soft extruded maize products (puffed maize), a harder maize extrude (better known as a Nak) in various flavours and powdered drinks. Awesome Snacks initially pursued the retail sector, and brought back the Ghostbusters and Laduma brands in October 2003 and could not keep up with demand for these old favourites. However due to the dominance of Simba and Willards Awesome Snacks were not able to maintain momentum in the retail sector.

The directors of Awesome Snacks decided to enter the emerging market and signed up international agreements with Marvel and WWE brands. These brands were very well accepted by the consumer and customer base.

Today, Awesome Snacks moves about 600 tons of product each month. Awesome Snacks’ – core values are to supply customers with the highest, most consistent quality products at exceptional value, and to lead the market with innovation to excite our customers. We believe that it is important to give the market differentiated product offerings like ”No added MSG” ”Tartrazine free” ”Baked not Fried”. Price is very important, as well as quality and consistency of the product. Awesome Snacks is qualified with a AIB accreditation which is one of the most stringent food safety and quality standards. We are continousely being audited in order to keep our accreditations in place.

More recently Awesome Snacks ventured into the beverages and sweets markets to offer our existing customers even more value in the form of powdered drinks “Thirst Coolers”. The launch of these products has been very successful and has opened doors for exports into Mauritius and Africa e.g. Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.



Awesome Snacks receives BRC “A” Grade

International Accreditation 2017.

BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification programme, used by over 22,000 certificated suppliers in 123 countries, with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies.

The Standards guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. BRC Global Standards are now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers.






Awesome Snacks receives AIB

International Accreditation 2017.

AIB International empowers clients worldwide to elevate their food safety and production process capabilities by developing and delivering application-oriented learning, consulting, and value-added services.

AIB International was founded by the North American wholesale and retail baking industries in 1919 as a technology transfer center for bakers and food processors. Its original mission was to “put science to work for the baker.” That basic theme is still central to all of AIB International’s programs, products, and services.

Although AIB’s history has been traditionally linked with North American wholesale and retail baking, the Institute currently serves many segments of the food processing, distribution, foodservice, and retail industries worldwide. Today’s AIB is well-positioned in the following areas:






Other Certifications include.





Awesome Snacks’ directors was awarded the medium business category entrepreneur of the year award for 2011.












Awesome Snacks Factory Photos.

Awesome Snacks despatch and receiving area.


Various naks packed, wrapped and palletised. Ready for despatch.


Vegetable oil storage tank. 


Flavouring drum and conveyor towards packing machine.


Buffer conveyor.


Naks packets, packed and stacked into baler bags.


Reception entrance.