Consumer Feedback

02 June 2017

“I would like to give feedback on the naks 20g pack snacks. My kids grandmother bought them a bag that has 50 packs with different flavours. I must say I am stealing their snacks. They taste so good! I just wanted to send this and give recognition on the good job and product.” – Portia Rammekoa

08 August 2017
“Good afternoon to you I would just like to thank you for making ” Naks ” – I love them and can’t wait to go to the sweet shop and buy a whole bag. They
are the best!” – Maureen Elgar


03 July 2014 01:16 PM

Good day, just to let u know these little Spider Bites  snacks are really awesome.

We have a small t room at our work and they sell them.

Every day I buy a packet or two.

Keep it up , really fills the hole , while waiting for supper.